Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding Insurance and The Wedding Dress

Wedding Insurance and the Wedding Dress

If you are getting married sometime in the near future, one item to make room in your budget for would be wedding insurance. I know, not a terribly exciting part of your overall wedding planning, but if you really want to enjoy your wedding day, this is the item to pay attention to. Sure, it would more fun to focus on finding the perfect wedding dress, the best wedding DJ, or even the most awesome wedding venue, but if anything goes wrong with any of those previously listed items, it will all be for naught if your wedding day is not covered by some kind of wedding insurance.

Let’s say you find the perfect wedding dress. It fits you amazingly well and only needs a few minor adjustments. After going back to the dress shop for some final alterations you realize it’s not fitting as well as it did on the first day you tried it on. That’s okay because you have a couple of months before the big day arrives. Besides, a lot can change with your body in a couple of months. So, you leave the dress at the shop and decide you’ll go back for a final fitting about 3 weeks before your wedding day. You focus your attention on all the other mountain of details you need to handle (one of them not wedding insurance, of course) and stop worrying about the dress. Four weeks before your wedding day, it happens.

Here comes the rain again. Your bridal shop gets hit hard by the flooding rains sweeping into town. 24 inches of muddy, smelly water in the storage room wet everything from mid thigh down. Your perfect dress is now perfectly soaked, stained, and ruined. Now what do you do? I guess you could try to find a new dress, but odds are your heart will be broken and the new dress will pale in comparison to the “perfect” one. Sure, it’s a long shot of anything like this ever happening, but, then again, Nashville just recently got flooded out and if there are any bridal shops in Nashville, I bet there were a lot of unhappy brides throughout the city!

With a wedding insurance policy in place you would have a few options available to you depending on what kind of coverage you went for. The first option might be to do just what was mentioned earlier, that is, search and search for the next perfect wedding dress. Your wedding insurance should cover this expense, as it is not going to be tens of thousands of dollars. If you aren’t able to find a new dress, your next option may be to find a company that can repair your dress somehow. There have been a lot of new advancements in the world of dry cleaning, and if you take your ruined wedding dress to different shops, you might be able to repair the damage.

A third option is this: Many dresses are one of a kind, but some are produced in the hundreds or even thousands. You might get lucky and be able to find an exact replacement and with a few alterations, you’d still have your perfect dress.

And finally, the biggest option would be to postpone your wedding day. You’d have to have a very good and comprehensive wedding insurance plan to be able to cancel everything and start over, but it has happened in the past and will happen again in the future. You may be able to transfer some deposits to your new wedding date, but all that really matters is that you have the chance to try again. If it is a flash flood that ruins your dress, odds are the church and the reception hall has been affected by the same miserable flood. I know they will have some kind of wedding insurance to cover their losses. Will they be able to get back up and running in time for your wedding? If you’re covered, it won’t really matter, because you’d be able to wait until they are ready again.

This story is fictional, but as you can see, it’s not very far fetched. People spend so much money on this one special day. The average across the country sits right at about $34,000. That is a huge investment. Protecting should seem like a no-brainer, but people are always looking to save money and cut corners. Once a couple sets a budget, they do their best to stay within that budget. Unfortunately, just about every piece of their wedding ends up costing them more than they thought, sometimes a lot more. It is a rare miracle if something comes in under budget. There are wedding insurance policies for under $200 out there and although it might not cover you enough to redo your whole wedding, it’s better than rolling the dice and taking the chance that nothing bad will happen.

With the right policy in place, all your worries can be alleviated. Just the thought that you can get a do over for your wedding day should be enough to convince you that wedding insurance is not only a viable option, but almost a necessity.

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