Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Wedding Disaster Saved by Wedding Insurance!

Just this weekend, I was involved in an event that would have suffered greatly if it wasn’t for wedding insurance. With all the things that went wrong, it was a good thing they had coverage for this day.

First, just before the ceremony was about to start, the groom asked me why we were starting. My response was because we were already fifteen minutes behind. He told me his father wasn’t there yet! It seems the family sent the dad to the airport to pick up grandma who was flying in from Connecticut. Of course, the plane was delayed and now dad was approximately 15 minutes away. After about a thirty minute delay, I asked if the groom could call and see where his dad and grandma were. It turns out they were still fifteen minutes away because the freeway was completely jammed. It also turned out that one plane never made it out of Connecticut, so about 1/3rd of the grooms family wouldn’t even make it! I was wondering in the back of my mind if they had wedding insurance and wondering if they would be taking advantage of that coverage!

After about an hour delay, the dad and grandma show up! Hooray! Now we can get the ceremony started. Of course, the bride and the bridesmaids are not around, and several groomsmen are nowhere to be found. After frantically searching them all out, I got them back to the ceremony site. I got all the guests seated and ready to go. Then, low and behold, just before we’re about to walk down the isle, the power goes out! If this wedding is going to happen, with or without wedding insurance, it wouldn’t matter because there would be no music nor would there be any way to amplify the minister’s voice for all the guests to hear.

I approached the bride, who had an amazingly upbeat attitude, and asked if she wanted to push ahead and try to have the wedding. She asked what else we could do. I mentioned her wedding insurance policy and her eyes lit up, her cheeks got all rosy, and a huge smile crossed her face! She had forgotten she was covered. I told her that the circumstances that had befallen her on this day could be covered by her policy. The groom actually had a copy and it turned out that in the wedding insurance policy was a power outage stipulation. It had to be more than just a local single building and that was fine since it was a quarter of an entire grid that was out! The couple discussed the situation and decided they would rather postpone the wedding and get exactly what they wanted for the day instead of forging ahead and “settling.”

I announced to all the guests that the wedding wouldn’t be happening today due to the power outage, the delayed flights, and the fact the bride and groom didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony and unfortunately had to, due to all the circumstances. A collective shock befell all their faces. I also mentioned that the bride and groom would be able to reschedule this wedding because they had taken out a wedding insurance policy! Then I announced that it didn’t mean all that yummy food had to go to waste either! So I invited everyone to the reception area and everybody ate, drank and had a great time.

Thanks to this wedding insurance policy, the bride and groom were able to reschedule the entire wedding for the next day! It turns out their location was completely free that Sunday. Not only did they get their wedding exactly how they wanted it—and without the power outage—but all of the grooms relatives made it out of Connecticut, arrived late that evening and were able to attend the celebration the following day! As you can see, everything turned out amazingly well. But without wedding insurance, this day would have been a tragedy.


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