Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding Entertainment And Wedding Insurance

Whether you plan on hiring a band or a DJ, making sure they are covered by your wedding insurance policy is critical. One of the most important parts of your wedding day is your wedding entertainment. Of all of the aspects of your wedding, it is your wedding DJ or band that will either make or break the outcome of your reception. Think about it. Do people leave your party early because the flowers don’t exactly match with the rest of the d├ęcor? Do people get bored because they aren’t happy with how your wedding dress fits you? Will your guests start looking at their watches to see if it’s too early to leave because of the lighting, the cake, the appetizers, the linens, the style of tuxedos, or even the photographer? Of course not! But if the DJ is obnoxious or the band is not entertaining, you can bet people will be hurrying to tell you say congrats so they can head on home.

Having wedding insurance probably won’t cover you if your entertainment is awful, so that is why it’s important to be sure to hire true professionals in the first place. What is important is that your wedding DJ or band has wedding liability insurance. This will cover you in case one of their speakers falls on a guest or if the music is so loud it ruptures someone’s eardrum and they need surgery. I’m kidding here, but it would be awful if someone got hurt due to the entertainment.

One thing you can make sure of is that your wedding insurance policy will cover you if your DJ or band pulls a no-show, wreck their car on the way to the event, or if an important member flakes. Without your wedding entertainment, you might be able to use the house system to play some nice and quiet background music during dinner. After dinner, though, there wouldn’t be any dancing or fun so your wedding celebration would simply turn into a wedding dinner. Everyone would leave as soon as the cake was served. Having a wedding insurance coverage should allow you to recoup not only the money for the entertainment, but more for your guests leaving 3 hours early!

Another suggestion is to have a back up plan for your band or disc jockey. You probably can’t afford to have two separate DJ companies on hold for your date, nor could you book two different bands, but knowing where to go in case of an emergency is a good idea. While interviewing for your DJ or band, keep the contact information for all of the companies you contact. If it turns out your number one choice isn’t going to work out, you can call your other leads to see if they still have your date open. You can also look at your local associations, like the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) and keep their number handy. Some carry an emergency phone number just in case a DJ runs into issues and can’t make it to your event. Either way, your wedding insurance should kick in to cover your losses if you have problems with your entertainment.

Like I said earlier, your entertainment is the only part of your wedding that will either make your reception awesome or ruin it by being terrible or even barely having an impact. Hire the best you can find. In other words, this is the area you DO NOT want to skimp on! You can spend $100,000 on all the other aspects of your wedding, but if your DJ or band is bad, your guests will leave early and all that money will be going to waste. You can go cheap with your entertainment if you have wedding insurance, but why risk it?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Evil Wedding Location Thwarted by...Wedding Insurance

Here’s a little narrative about a bride and groom who was very thankful they had wedding insurance for their nuptials. The day commenced just fine with the ceremony happening outside the main establishment at their garden ceremony site. Sure, it was by a busy avenue and quite a bit of traffic interference could be heard during the actual wedding but the bride and groom didn’t sound off about it. The ceremony was what it was.

As soon as the wedding was done everybody moved into the inside foyer for the pre-reception. The guests were drinking and eating and having a grand old time. This was, after all, an honoring, a celebration, and all the people we’re digging the whole scene. Some snacks might have been dropped, a beverage may have spilled a little somewhat. There were a few kids in attendance, too, so they make a little bit of a mess sometimes. There simply was not a thing not on key when it came to the hors d’oeuvres gathering. Nothing that would need any sort of wedding insurance from what they could tell.

The wedding attendees then went to the reception room for the eating and continued partying. The food was as good as it could be. This was, after all, a wedding and when feeding a couple hundred guests, it’s a challenge to actually cook up incredible food. Some would even say the food was bland and cardboard-like, but that really wasn’t important. What was significant was that all the newlywed’s family and friends were there to be with them and to celebrate their marriage! Wedding insurance was the farthermost thing from the newly married pair’s. The newlyweds were preoccupied with spending time and enjoying their loved ones and close friends. They weren’t visiting all the tables thinking, “Hmm, is all this covered by our wedding insurance policy?”

Moving on from the main course to dessert, the cake cutting followed, of course. At this point, not only had all the guests tilted back more than one glass, but so had the happily married pair. They were more than happy with the cake cutting and ended up not exactly being nice to each other. A little cake in his face, a little in hers, a little more up his nose, a little more up hers, etc. Well, some crumbs and frosting scattered on the carpet, but no one ground it into the rug and the newlyweds were sure one of the cleaning staff would have scooped it up right away. Besides, this probably happened more than one time in the past and even if the rug got a little stained, surely the location had wedding insurance coverage too.

Next—and after cleaning the smeared up frosting off of their faces—the newlyweds danced their first dance. All the friends and family members ooh’d and ahh’d during this special dance. After all the other special dances, like the parents and wedding party dances, all the guests got involved with the celebration. The disc jockey was a lot of fun and everyone danced and partied. During the bouquet toss, the bride tossed them too high the flowers actually hit the ceiling and bounced off of the roof! The bouquet ricocheted right in to the hands of the youngest bridesmaid. Of course, no one was injured by jumping for them so no need for wedding insurance once more! Possibly the bride and groom were wondering if they had wasted their money on a wedding insurance policy.

Now, at the end of the night, many of the guests had departed for the evening and the happy newlyweds were spent. They were overjoyed with the outcome of their ceremony and reception and they were even more thrilled that nothing bad happened to the point of having to have their wedding insurance coverage put to use. Surprisingly, no one from the ballroom or locale said goodbye. The security guard closed the doors behind them and their astounding ceremony and reception was over, only to be alive in their memories. They weren’t aware the wedding site owners had been victimizing young couples for months and months.

Two weeks after the wedding, the newlyweds got a bill from the owners of the reception hall purporting that there was damage caused to their place of business during their celebration. They said the gazebo was damaged by the minister. They said a table in the cocktail hour area had a beer spilled on it and was stained and messed up beyond repair. They had to locate a replacement. They stated that the stupid cake smashing that transpired destroyed that area of the rug and the entire carpet needed to be replaced. They said that when the bride tossed her bouquet, it scraped the ceiling and stained it, so that area and the entire room had to be repainted. The total price of all this to the renters came out to $24,000 was devastated. They had no idea what to do. They believed that they had to pay up or get taken to court, and we all know how much that costs. After speaking with their parents and other family members, it was the minister who reminded them about their wedding insurance. They got in touch with their wedding insurance carrier, who promptly opened up a case to investigate. The couple breathed a provisionary sigh of relief.

Several weeks lapsed and the newlyweds heard not a word and started to worry. They started getting an overview of their finances to see if they could somehow gather up enough dough that they were being asked to give up. Their wedding insurance agent finally called them and told them to come in for a little chat .

It turns out the managers of this wedding business had been making false claims on their bride and grooms for quite a while. Whenever they felt they needed something repaired or upgraded, they would blame the previous weekend’s wedding party. Lucky for them, most brides and grooms didn’t think they had any way out and whenever they tried to work out a deal, the wedding location proprietors would threaten them with litigation. Unknowingly, couples would just give them the money. negative issues caused by the couple’s event, but with an open case, the wedding insurance broker was able to inquire about and learn the truth. Not only did this couple not have to pay off the deplorable proprietors of the venue, but they saved any future embezzlement by these wedding crooks.

In this instance, conventional wear and tear would have been the conclusion and their wedding insurance would be free and clear of having to pay. And now, this couple and their wedding insurance company, are champions for sending those bad venue managers to the poor house. If they had never gotten wedding insurance, the victimization of couples would, like the energizer bunny, keep going, and going, and going.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Wedding Disaster Saved by Wedding Insurance!

Just this weekend, I was involved in an event that would have suffered greatly if it wasn’t for wedding insurance. With all the things that went wrong, it was a good thing they had coverage for this day.

First, just before the ceremony was about to start, the groom asked me why we were starting. My response was because we were already fifteen minutes behind. He told me his father wasn’t there yet! It seems the family sent the dad to the airport to pick up grandma who was flying in from Connecticut. Of course, the plane was delayed and now dad was approximately 15 minutes away. After about a thirty minute delay, I asked if the groom could call and see where his dad and grandma were. It turns out they were still fifteen minutes away because the freeway was completely jammed. It also turned out that one plane never made it out of Connecticut, so about 1/3rd of the grooms family wouldn’t even make it! I was wondering in the back of my mind if they had wedding insurance and wondering if they would be taking advantage of that coverage!

After about an hour delay, the dad and grandma show up! Hooray! Now we can get the ceremony started. Of course, the bride and the bridesmaids are not around, and several groomsmen are nowhere to be found. After frantically searching them all out, I got them back to the ceremony site. I got all the guests seated and ready to go. Then, low and behold, just before we’re about to walk down the isle, the power goes out! If this wedding is going to happen, with or without wedding insurance, it wouldn’t matter because there would be no music nor would there be any way to amplify the minister’s voice for all the guests to hear.

I approached the bride, who had an amazingly upbeat attitude, and asked if she wanted to push ahead and try to have the wedding. She asked what else we could do. I mentioned her wedding insurance policy and her eyes lit up, her cheeks got all rosy, and a huge smile crossed her face! She had forgotten she was covered. I told her that the circumstances that had befallen her on this day could be covered by her policy. The groom actually had a copy and it turned out that in the wedding insurance policy was a power outage stipulation. It had to be more than just a local single building and that was fine since it was a quarter of an entire grid that was out! The couple discussed the situation and decided they would rather postpone the wedding and get exactly what they wanted for the day instead of forging ahead and “settling.”

I announced to all the guests that the wedding wouldn’t be happening today due to the power outage, the delayed flights, and the fact the bride and groom didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony and unfortunately had to, due to all the circumstances. A collective shock befell all their faces. I also mentioned that the bride and groom would be able to reschedule this wedding because they had taken out a wedding insurance policy! Then I announced that it didn’t mean all that yummy food had to go to waste either! So I invited everyone to the reception area and everybody ate, drank and had a great time.

Thanks to this wedding insurance policy, the bride and groom were able to reschedule the entire wedding for the next day! It turns out their location was completely free that Sunday. Not only did they get their wedding exactly how they wanted it—and without the power outage—but all of the grooms relatives made it out of Connecticut, arrived late that evening and were able to attend the celebration the following day! As you can see, everything turned out amazingly well. But without wedding insurance, this day would have been a tragedy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding Insurance and The Wedding Dress

Wedding Insurance and the Wedding Dress

If you are getting married sometime in the near future, one item to make room in your budget for would be wedding insurance. I know, not a terribly exciting part of your overall wedding planning, but if you really want to enjoy your wedding day, this is the item to pay attention to. Sure, it would more fun to focus on finding the perfect wedding dress, the best wedding DJ, or even the most awesome wedding venue, but if anything goes wrong with any of those previously listed items, it will all be for naught if your wedding day is not covered by some kind of wedding insurance.

Let’s say you find the perfect wedding dress. It fits you amazingly well and only needs a few minor adjustments. After going back to the dress shop for some final alterations you realize it’s not fitting as well as it did on the first day you tried it on. That’s okay because you have a couple of months before the big day arrives. Besides, a lot can change with your body in a couple of months. So, you leave the dress at the shop and decide you’ll go back for a final fitting about 3 weeks before your wedding day. You focus your attention on all the other mountain of details you need to handle (one of them not wedding insurance, of course) and stop worrying about the dress. Four weeks before your wedding day, it happens.

Here comes the rain again. Your bridal shop gets hit hard by the flooding rains sweeping into town. 24 inches of muddy, smelly water in the storage room wet everything from mid thigh down. Your perfect dress is now perfectly soaked, stained, and ruined. Now what do you do? I guess you could try to find a new dress, but odds are your heart will be broken and the new dress will pale in comparison to the “perfect” one. Sure, it’s a long shot of anything like this ever happening, but, then again, Nashville just recently got flooded out and if there are any bridal shops in Nashville, I bet there were a lot of unhappy brides throughout the city!

With a wedding insurance policy in place you would have a few options available to you depending on what kind of coverage you went for. The first option might be to do just what was mentioned earlier, that is, search and search for the next perfect wedding dress. Your wedding insurance should cover this expense, as it is not going to be tens of thousands of dollars. If you aren’t able to find a new dress, your next option may be to find a company that can repair your dress somehow. There have been a lot of new advancements in the world of dry cleaning, and if you take your ruined wedding dress to different shops, you might be able to repair the damage.

A third option is this: Many dresses are one of a kind, but some are produced in the hundreds or even thousands. You might get lucky and be able to find an exact replacement and with a few alterations, you’d still have your perfect dress.

And finally, the biggest option would be to postpone your wedding day. You’d have to have a very good and comprehensive wedding insurance plan to be able to cancel everything and start over, but it has happened in the past and will happen again in the future. You may be able to transfer some deposits to your new wedding date, but all that really matters is that you have the chance to try again. If it is a flash flood that ruins your dress, odds are the church and the reception hall has been affected by the same miserable flood. I know they will have some kind of wedding insurance to cover their losses. Will they be able to get back up and running in time for your wedding? If you’re covered, it won’t really matter, because you’d be able to wait until they are ready again.

This story is fictional, but as you can see, it’s not very far fetched. People spend so much money on this one special day. The average across the country sits right at about $34,000. That is a huge investment. Protecting should seem like a no-brainer, but people are always looking to save money and cut corners. Once a couple sets a budget, they do their best to stay within that budget. Unfortunately, just about every piece of their wedding ends up costing them more than they thought, sometimes a lot more. It is a rare miracle if something comes in under budget. There are wedding insurance policies for under $200 out there and although it might not cover you enough to redo your whole wedding, it’s better than rolling the dice and taking the chance that nothing bad will happen.

With the right policy in place, all your worries can be alleviated. Just the thought that you can get a do over for your wedding day should be enough to convince you that wedding insurance is not only a viable option, but almost a necessity.