Friday, March 12, 2010

What is Wedding Insurance and What Does It Cover?

What is Wedding Insurance?
Wedding insurance is an insurance policy for you just in case your groom ends up being a loser and a jerk.  With a policy, you'll be able to replace your current groom with a new one within one year of the wedding date.  If your groom becomes a fat slob, this will most likely not be covered as this is what becomes of most men, married or not.

Just kidding!  But wouldn't that be something?  Wedding insurance is just what it sounds like; it is an insurance policy that financially protects you against misfortunes and mishaps related to particular aspects of your wedding. Some aspects that might be covered by your insurance policy include the following:
  • Weather: This is a BIGGIE! If your wedding needs to be postponed or rescheduled due to inclement weather, your insurance policy may pay for you to have a new wedding on another day.  
  • Acts of God:  Massive earthquakes (can you say Haiti? Chile?), fires (A southern California staple), or even your reception site collapsing into itself will most likely be covered.  
  • Illness/Injury/Death: God forbid you or someone in the wedding party or family become gravely ill just before your wedding day and they end up not being able to come.  Then again, if that irritating "gropey" uncle catches whooping cough, you might pay extra for that to actually happen!
  • No Show Minister: Your insurance will most likely let you recoup some of your costs if the minister/rabbi/priest/officiant/justice o' the peace falls off the wagon and pulls a no-show.  I would add, have a friend get ordained online (it's free, it's easy, and it's legit!)--did I mention it's free?--and make sure your pastor emails a copy of the ceremony to you.  This way, he can step in and tie your knot for you.
  • No Show Vendors: Likewise, if your cake, photographer, or DJ (especially your DJ!) flakes, I'm sure your insurance will take care of you.  And even then, you can still sue the no-show company for at least a refund, plus punitive damages.  Go get 'em, bride girl!!!
  • Your Location: Let's say your wedding location decides they are going to do some renovating right before your wedding date.  They promise everything will be complete waaaaay before your date, yet the week of your wedding, they aren't even half done.  Getting insurance will help alleviate your anxiety of this happening to you!  Also, if the location doesn't already have their own insurance, your policy may cover you if someone breaks a chandelier or Uncle Gropey decides to show up and fondle a food server and gets sued for sexual harassment!
Some other riders you can add:
  • Your Gowns and Tuxedos:  What if your dress gets burned up in a store fire?  What if your tux smells like indian food in a used baby diaper?  First, don't wear it!  Second, get wedding insurance to cover you in case you need to replace these once in a lifetime garments. 
  • Military Service:  We are at war as I write this so if you're in the military there may be a chance you will get called to duty.  First, thank you for your service.  We, as a country, truly don't deserve you. Second, get insurance to cover yourself just in case this happens.
  • Gifts: I was at a wedding once, where all the wedding gifts were stolen!  We're talking thousands of dollars worth of blenders, toasters, pots and pans and other various Crate N Barrel stuff. 
  • Liability: This is to cover you in case some idiot decides to do a stage dive and everyone else decides to ignore him.  If someone breaks their beak at your wedding, most likely your location will have the insurance, but you can always cover yourself, just in case.
  • Honeymoon: Cover yourself in case of illness, bad weather or other unfortunate circumstances.  Isn't it funny how most weddings are in the summer and most honeymoons are somewhere tropical and most hurricane seasons are in the summer and somewhere tropical?  Work the odds, get insurance!
Hope you learned a bit about what wedding insurance is and what it covers. I'll be going over things wedding insurance typically doesn't cover next time.  In the mean time, get your wedding insurance to get your peace of mind!

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